April 23, 2017

The war against belly fat

I'm not kidding. Belly fat is a curse, an enemy, and it's WAR. War I tell ya!!

When you look at someone that was fit and trim in their youth and now they have a big belly they just look wrong. Case in point, and I love the guy but this is true, “The Fonz” , Henry Winkler.

He was so fit and trim in his youth and on the show Happy Days. I don't know if he exercised or not but I'm guessing he was naturally thin and didn't have to worry too much about what he ate.

Now he's and older man. Some would say “an old man”, and that body is not what it used to be. Good food, and older body, slower metabolism and lack of exercise slowly add that spare tire around the belly.

It's sad. Why can't we maintain our bodies without having to think? Why can't we just eat what we want, watch TV and stay fit?

We can't unfortunately so the quest is on to find the program, the method, the course, the technique/s that work for you. When I say “work for you” I mean something that causes the least amount of pain and effort.

We can all lose weight by starving ourselves. It's pure science. Lack of input, daily energy use, will eventually take the biggest person down to “skinny”. That happens in prison camps. You see skeleton people who used to be fat. Who wants to do that? No one. It's painful, depressing, and not healthy at all. Still, the physics work to achieve the result. Nobody is going to do it on purpose.

The war is in our mind. What are we willing to change in order to get rid of belly fat? Obviously we are not going to starve ourselves. What we need to do is gather the weapons of war. Knowledge is most important. What to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, and what physical activity to do.

We need to construct our personal battle plans to make taking action easy, fun, and successful. No one will stick to anything if it's not in some way fun. You have to tackle that in your mind. You have to find the joy of winning and of winning the battle.

Battle? Well there will be more than one. You battle your thoughts. You battle your habits. You battle the costs of good food. You battle the resistance to exercise. You battle discouragement. You battle negative people. You battle failure and the ability to get back up and fight again.

With each battle you win you get closer to winning the war.

Take comfort in the fact that others have done it. Some have had near miracles in losing weight and belly fat. Each has done it in their own way. Some have tried for years until they finally found the combination of things that works for them.

Start your war. Realize it's not instant. It will be a long term thing and you have to commit to seeing it all the way to the end. You'll have setbacks. What war doesn't. But more importantly you'll have victories. Savor those. Accumulate those.

You can win the war. Did I say that loud enough? YOU CAN WIN THE WAR!!